After a loss occurs to an existing structure, randomly selecting a contractor can create more damage than it remedies. With more than 35 years of reconstruction experience, Midway Restoration has superior resources and knowledge to quickly rebuild your home or business with care. Our offices and personnel are a part of the Chicagoland community and we understand the communities needs. Midway Restoration’s experience and preparedness allows us to respond to your emergency in a way that no other company does.


Midway provides integrated services that connect our dedicated staff with a host of specialty trades, engineers, architects and other professionals throughout the area. We oversee every aspect of the reconstruction process required to rebuild and restore your operation. Our team members use a holistic approach to reconstruction which effectively translates to efficiency and speed in completing your project.

Midway Restoration’s Expert Services Include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Site Containment / Temporary Shoring
  •  Intrusive Investigation / Selective Demolition
  • Emergency Power
  • Full Scale Carpentry
  • Complete Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing
  • Complete Exterior Envelope Reconstruction
  • Construction Defect Reconstruction
  • Interior Build Out and Finishes
  • Complex Installation and Interior Finishes
  • High-rise Reconstruction and Restoration
  • All Roofing Configurations
  • Machinery / Factory Line Implementation
We work with all major insurance providers.

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