Each and every day, companies around the globe are seeking ways to become more environmentally responsible in order to ensure our collective future and provide for a healthier planet. Midway is doing its part as well, by using green, eco-friendly cleaning products.


Furthermore, we have taken the proper courses and training on environmentally preferable products and techniques to maximize office cleanliness, while at the same time, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Green Cleaning focuses on improving indoor air quality, reducing the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, reducing water and air pollution, increasing worker productivity and improving morale. “The EPA ranks Indoor Air Pollution among the top five environmental office risks to human health.”

Your company’s green cleaning initiative can be as simple as implementation of a recycling program, or as ambitious as obtaining a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. Our team will work with you to evaluate current practices, determine your goals and provide recommendations for your facility’s customized green action plan.

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