Emergency Power

Frequently in catastrophic situations, access to power is often unavailable. In many instances, Midway Restoration is able to provide complete emergency or back-up power to your home or business.


We have access to a fleet of rental power equipment ranging from 15kW to 2 MW and including power packages up to 30 MW. This equipment is supported by a team of highly skilled technical and engineering personnel that assist in meeting your critical power needs.

Emergency Planning Services
For most businesses access to continuous power is critical and pre-planning for emergency situations will help ensure minimal disruption to operations should a long-term power-outage occur. Our Emergency Planning Services helps you assess the most vulnerable elements of your power plant and identify possible risks and potential losses due to unforeseen downtime. Based on our analysis, we will work with your team to develop an Emergency Power Plan customized for your business. These contingency plans may include preferred equipment availability, dedicated back-up equipment on site, and detailed site mapping for equipment placement.

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