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Restoration and Reconstruction


Water Damage

Water damage to your home or business is devastating, posing a serious threat to building components, interior furnishings and precious belongings. If not treated promptly. The result can be costly repairs and replacement and the associated emotional trauma.

Fire & Smoke Damage

A fire in your home is an incredibly traumatic experience. Even small fires can cause extensive damage and threaten your family’s sense of security. An emergency response by Midway Restoration can be a great first step towards putting your life back together.

Mold Remediation

Although extremely dangerous molds are not an everyday occurrence, any mold has the potential to cause health problems and proper removal is critical. Midway Restoration brings a wealth of experience to mold remediation projects.


After a loss occurs to an existing structure, randomly selecting a contractor can create more damage than it remedies. With more than 30 years of reconstruction experience, Midway Restoration has superior resources and knowledge to quickly rebuild your home or business with care.

Why Midway?

Midway Restoration Services is family owned and has been serving all of Chicagoland for more than 30 years. We provide fast friendly service and we take the hassle out of your hands. Midway provides 24/7/365 Emergency Restoration Services for a variety of emergency situations including:

  • Water Extraction and Drying
  • Flood Clean Up
  • Plumbing Failures, Sewer Backups, and Sump Pump Failures
  • Kitchen Fires, Garage Fires and other Large-Scale Fires
  • Damage Caused by Natural Disasters Including Major Storms and Tornados
  • Fallen Trees Due to High Wind Damage
  • Roof Leaks and Mold Damage
  • Crime Related Cleanup Due to Vandalism and Break-Ins
  • Vehicle-Building Collisions
  • Rodent and Insect Infestation

Midway Restoration Services is the one call you need to make to help you manage the clean up and restoration for your home or business, regardless of the type of emergency. Call us 24/7 at (312) 226-1101

About Us

Our philosophy is that no two businesses have identical needs, nor do they warrant identical treatment. For that reason, we do not begin a relationship by simply providing a solution. For us, a more logical method involves an examination of your unique situation, a diagnosis, a plan of treatment, and only then, a recommended cure.

Fast Response 24/7/365

Your home or business is one of your most important investments. Our Rapid Response Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to your unique emergency situation. We are always available to help our customers no matter what issue arises.


When your property is damaged, you want to get back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will keep you informed every step of the way, from our initial conversation with you through the job completion. We are highly committed to your complete satisfaction throughout the entire process.


All our technicians and tradesmen are certified and licensed in Illinois. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and processes to clean and restore your property back to its original state. Let Midway’s experience, training, and technology put your mind at ease.


A trusted name throughout Chicagoland for more than 30 years, Midway Restoration is the one call you need to make to help you manage the clean up and restoration for your home or business, regardless of the type of emergency. Call us 24/7 at (312) 226-1101

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Locally Owned and Family run for 30 years

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What Customers Say ABout Us

In May 2014 we experienced a water event that required professional support from an outside firm. I want to say thanks for a job well done and to acknowledge the professionalism and truly collaborative efforts of your firm and your first responders. It was your quick response and specific actions that aided in mitigated what could have been a very serious event for us. Your front line team represents your firm very well.
Angelo S.
Director of Engineering, Major Financial Exchange
As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. The picture of my clean, organized attic is worth 1,000 Thank You's. After getting a new roof, my attic – which had nothing covering the beams inside - was a disaster zone. There was soot, pieces of old roofing, pieces of wood, etc. everywhere. Cleaning it out myself would have been overwhelming and taken days. Now, after bringing your company in to clean it, I could sleep on the carpet if I had to. They did a wonderful job in less than a day and I am very grateful. Your workers faced an obstacle with my winding staircase, but didn't let that bother them. They were very courteous and professional.
Jean-Marie G.